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Clients choose Cicero because we make them feel comfortable about their project. Our experience and honesty provide that comfort. We want our clients to be excited about their new home, addition, pole building, or recreation building throughout the building process and enjoy it for many years thereafter. For over 20+ years in the industry we've designed and built many different types of projects in the residential, light commercial, and agricultural industries.  We are firm believers in the "less is more" philosophy and think of this continually as we're designing and building projects. Many years of hands on experience constructing houses and buildings have made our design process efficient and economical. We are blessed to have the opportunity to work with each and everyone of our clients and appreciate the experience and friendships we've gained. 


Our Services


Sometimes the client doesn’t know how to get started on their project. They may ask, “do I need a permit, do I need construction drawings, who can build my project?”. Or maybe you’re looking for budget numbers to see if your project is affordable. We’ve been asked many of these questions and we’ve been able to help clients get “un-stuck”. Wherever you are in the process, we can step in to help move it forward.


We believe practical design best serves the client. We pay attention to overbuilding and overspending when it’s not necessary. Eliminating complicated roof lines and using materials with longer lifespans are 2 ways we’ve been able to reduce cost today as well as for years to come.


We can general contract your project or act as a sub-contractor. We primarily general contract our own projects but we also frame and install doors and windows for other general contractors in the industry. 


Our Clients References


“If I can ever act as a reference for you and your crew, I would be honored.”– Leah R.

“Thanks for a job well done. Your crew is both pleasant and professional. If any of your future prospects need references, you may forward our names.”– Mike and Linda F.

“We love the work you have done for us. We will definitely recommend the work you and your crew has done for us to others.”- Jeff and Kim T.

“Everything turned out perfect. Thanks for everything.”- Joan M.

“Thanks Shaun for all of the work performed at our home. The roof and all other work looks very good.”- Mike M.

“Thank you for your professionalism and your willingness to address our questions and concerns throughout the project. We’re happy with the end result.”- Jason and Lisa C.

“The work you and your crew did makes our house feel like a shiny penny. Thank you for helping us in our journey to lovingly restore our home.”
-Matt and Rachel F.

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